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Discover your Life at Finwave

At Finwave, the passion of our employees, joined by the same values, allows us to achieve incredible results. Being part of our team means always putting yourself forward, making your unique contribution in the journey towards innovation.

We are constantly looking for people with a curious, global and future-oriented mindset, who are ready to grow and put themselves into play in a stimulating and dynamic environment.

Joining Finwave means joining a group guided by collaboration and trust, where the exchange and diffusion of ideas helps us grow. Together.


In an ever-increasingly digital landscape, the human dimension helps us to make the difference inside our team and in our relationships with our clients.

This is the approach which has set us apart for over 20 years, and has allowed us all to grow, first and foremost in personal and professional terms, within Finwave and also on the market and guides us towards our future challenges.

Change in Action

We want to participate in the future, guaranteeing our clients the smartest, most innovative and intuitive solution. We do this through an approach which is:

  • Concrete: from the needs and requirements to concrete solutions able to meet and respond to them, through the generation and development of new ideas and the creation of innovative projects.
  • Open: with the involvement of external players such as startups, universities and other corporates which play the dual role of enablers and recipients of the benefits of the innovation.
  • Inclusive: the innovation initiatives involve the involvement of the company personnel, with the aim of spreading the culture of innovation.
  • Distributed: all the different organizational structures participate in the development of innovation projects and ideas.

International context

Remote working

Finwave also targets the European and Latam international market, with important projects already started in various countries with primary ranking customers in their own countries.

We are looking for talents also interested in gaining international experience, as an opportunity to contribute to large projects, relate to different realities and cultures and have unique experiences.

If you are looking for stimulating challenges, growth opportunities and want to have an international experience, Finwave is the right place for you. Join our team and contribute to our successful projects, leaving an imprint on the  global financial landscape. We are ready to welcome you and offer you a dynamic and stimulating work environment, in which you can best express your skills and realize your potential.

We adopt a distributed remote working model with a remote working policy which is regulated but flexible on the basis of personal requirements.

We consider it equally important to share ideas and compare notes in person at the office in order to maintain the group identity which has been so popular with our colleagues over the last 20 years, and has allowed us to grow more together, both personally and professionally.

We learn together, every day

At Finwave, we believe that you never stop learning and improving, above all in a world which is fast evolving and changing. For this reason our employees, from junior profiles right through to the leadership, can count on a tailor-made training plan.

Our partnerships for talent searching

We are looking for talent, and we believe in young people. For this reason, we have set in place various partnerships with universities and educational institutes, organized career days and set up internships and work experience programs aimed at placement and training of young talent, both within Spain and abroad.

Our values

We believe that the values of people and ideas make the difference. Our values are our company heritage, what identifies us and sets us apart.

  • People Development: we listen to who you are and who you want to become, and support you with targeted training paths.
  • Continuous Improvement: continuous improvement is the focus of our work: we learn day after day, always experimenting and innovating.
  • Teamworking: at Finwave you’ll never be alone. Your team will support you in your path and in reaching your common goals.
  • Innovation: we are open to new opportunities for development and partnerships with the outside world, in order to remain a step ahead at all times.
  • Customer Satisfaction: in every department, our people apply technology, find value and add all-round value for our clients.

Be part of Finwave!

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