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Finwave develops vertical solutions for the Fintech and cross-market sector for simplified management of compliance and regulatory reporting.


PCP - Phoenix Compliance Platform

PBP - Phoenix Business Platform

Finwave develops vertical solutions for the Fintech and cross-market sector for simplified management of compliance and regulatory reporting.

Finwave’s division dedicated to the RegTech (Regulatory and Technology) market, has opened up an innovative frontier in the management of regulatory compliance, through the introduction of automated tools and processes with the goal of simplifying the regulatory adjustment, compliance and supervision processes, while increasing their effectiveness.

Finwave’s RegTech solutions are offered to the market as “the innovative technology to improve business competitiveness”, transforming a regulatory obligation into an opportunity in terms of reducing operational risks (disciplinary and reputational)increasing the efficiency and competitive advantage.

Concentrating on the core business is an essential practice to ensure performance, and Finwave’s expertise in compliance and regulatory reporting allows clients to better focus on their company mission.

Finwave does not offer products, but thanks to its expertise and continuous research into both technological and process improvements, with the intelligent use of the most popular technologies such as cloud computing, RPA, ML and AI, gives solutions with tangible and measurable results.

Finwave also sets itself apart for its investment in an internal structure, the “Compliance Observatory” which, through a network of clients, institutions, supervisory bodies, opinion leaders, universities and research institutes, is able to monitor the evolution of the legislative and regulatory context and anticipate any requirements in this area.

Thanks to the know-how and consolidated experience of the “Compliance Observatory”, Finwave is able to provide regulatory and process consultancy on AML, tax compliance and reporting to the Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian revenue office), and can handle requirements in the various regulatory fields, offering services with added value to our clients.

PCP - Phoenix Compliance Platform

Finwave, a major player in the RegTech market, offers solutions, services and know-how of the highest level which allows it to be the provider of reference for major financial operators.

The company boasts a specific Center of Expertise for the creation of solutions, development of projects and provision of consultancy in the compliance field.

Finwave has also invested in an internal structure, the “Compliance Observatory” which, through a network of clients, institutions, supervisory bodies, opinion leaders, universities and research institutes, is able to monitor the evolution of the legislative and regulatory context and anticipate any requirements in this area. This approach allows us to handle requirements in the various regulatory fields, offering services with added value to our clients.

Finwave’s compliance and regulatory reporting solutions have been architecturally combined into a homogeneous application infrastructure known as PCP (Phoenix Compliance Platform). The macro-segments managed by this platform are:

  • Agenzie delle Entrate
  • Banca d’Italia – AML and supervisory reporting and risk office
  • ECB
  • GDPR and Italian data protection authority
  • Consob

PCP is the integrated compliance and regulatory reporting platform for financial brokers, banks and insurance companies, and represents the fruit of continuous R&D which Finwave continues to carry out both in the field of software technology and on regulatory and reporting matters.

The PCP platform’s built-in functionality allows it to integrate with client systems as regards both the supply and communication of the flows required by the various regulations and implementation of a series of security tools on the basis of the needs and requirements requested by the client’s ICT Compliance department (DR, MFA, Data Encryption, SSO Integration etc.).

PCP incorporates an integrated documentation system which allows for the gathering, retention (compliant with current Italian legislation) and consultation of all product documents.

PCP is integrated with the main Italian authorities, and FINWAVE has certified its communication channels and nodes with the authorities, including: SID, SDI, Entratel, INFOSTAT.

All the compliance functions managed by the PCP platform can also be externalized thanks to the back-office and reporting full outsourcing services. Our reporting BPO service is based on four pillars:

  1. Internal back-office structure made up of personnel with operational experience on the process managed and on the specific activities and issues
  2. Technological architecture based on our Milan web farm, with business continuity redundancy hosted by a London-based farm
  3. Proprietary application solutions, leader in the Italian market for the issues outlined above
  4. Support of the Compliance Observatory which constantly monitors the reference regulations in the fields of service to “anticipate” their developments

PBP - Phoenix Business Platform


PBP (Phoenix Business Platform) is Finwave’s solution which allows the design of custom digitization solutions driven by business processes with specific solutions which allow for EAI and Systems Integration, without proprietary components or architectural limitations.

By adapting a consistent technical stack, PBP guarantees a structured and unified approach to achieve secure and customized corporate solutions.

The platform, through the activation of numerous specialized modules, allows for rapid digitization and automation of the business processes, always with a strong focus on the ICT Compliance of the architecture, both in terms of security and in terms of data management and processing (GDPR Compliant).

The platform makes available numerous application components which are ready for use and dedicated to the handling of the procedures for workflow management, document management, digital signing, regulatory retention, integration and automation of vertical components such as email integration, PEC (certified email) integration, integrated mass and remote electronic signing.

If you need strongly digitized and customized applications for your specific business, PBP is the ideal platform for reducing implementation timeframes and guaranteeing robust, high-performance and scalable solutions.

Finwave and its team of project specialists and analysts can help you in all design phases: from the initial design through to the implementation and application maintenance and management of the implemented solution.

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