Vertical digital solutions for Banking

Finwave offers efficient and effective solutions with high technological and innovation value for the banking market.


Why choose Finwave?

Finwave offers solutions with a particular focus on the management of performing and under/non-performing credit, with reference to both entrusted clients belonging to the individual segment and the corporate target segment, to wealth and risk management, as well as the complex processes of managing notifications to regulatory bodies (AUI, ARF, transparency, oversight).

In addition to this is the activity or operational organization and continuous streamlining of banking operations related to the lending sector using expert systems offering a high level of automation and adaptive flexibility.

Finwave’s offering combines technical/credit aspects with procedural business process outsourcing aspects involving the integration of the IT platform and infrastructure applications in the area of operational software management.

Finwave’s IT experience and in-depth knowledge of operational processes, combined with its bent for innovation, evolution and streamlining of processes, allows it to operate using an end-to-end approach, including as a BPO support provider, for every aspect of credit management and cross-cutting services.

  • Extensive and thorough knowledge of the sector. The banking solutions offered by Finwave have been inherited from the acquisition Finance Evolution, a company with decades of experience in management consultancy and the relative outlining of application procedures for the banking and general lending world.
  • Specialized consultancy for specific types of clients. Finwave boasts high-level professional expertise which allows it to adopt diversified approaches for different qualitative/quantitative targets, from small-medium sized banks right up to large financial groups with relative branches.
  • Flexibility and Experience. Finwave tries to meet requests within a limited timeframe, both with regard to requirements for adaptation of existing structural support and when faced with more complex and structured project and functional requirements due to the genuine need of its clients and guaranteeing them the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency


Panda is a financial management software package based on a web platform and entirely created using a microservices architecture, covering management of both medium-long term credit (personal loans, mortgages, structured finance) and short-term credit (advances on notes, invoices, RIBA, RCF, FIN-IMP, FIN-EXP).

The solution also covers the entire process of client data management through to supervisory reporting, including all compliance requirements: AUI, ARF, transparency, anti-usury etc. The new technology adopted allows both development and maintenance costs to be contained, also ensuring the speed of development which is key for this market.


Swan is the solution which allows brokers to provide accurate advisory services, managing securities portfolios both for direct clients and for potential or indirect clients, with financial instruments held by other brokers to whom it offers a “pure” consultancy service.

Swan is able to receive real-time information from the broker’s core systems in any format on which to perform either simple portfolio risk analysis or portfolio allocations, starting out from the client’s risk appetite and optimizing the risk/return trade-off.

The solution in its front-end component provides support to banking institutions for creating investment recommendations, optimizing the portfolios of current or potential clients.

The back end module provides a tool to the Compliance Officer for daily monitoring of the risk of actual or model portfolios, comparing the client’s Mifid profile with that of the asset allocation, creating customizable alerts and custom reporting. It provides sales management with a monitoring tool for deviation of the actual portfolios of direct clients from the recommended portfolios, in order to identify behavior of the distribution network which does not comply with the investment guidelines laid out by the management.

Do you need advice?

Our clients are the protagonists: our solutions are totally customizable to your actual needs and requirements.

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